Author Topic: Vote for ... Quote of the month by Sonu Niigaam  (Read 2562 times)

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Vote for ... Quote of the month by Sonu Niigaam
« on: 01. November 2009, 12:26:04 »
Trying to find out about the "quote of the month" by Sonu.

Suggestions by members can be posted at this board - at the relevant topic.

On 20th of every month the collection for the following month will end and a poll will be set up to vote for the quote.

The chosen quote will be put up to the top of the forum and will stay until the next quote for the following month was selected.

Hope you enjoy this !!!
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Re: Vote for ... Quote of the month by Sonu Niigaam
« Reply #1 on: 06. November 2009, 21:30:11 »
Quote of the month ...

November 2009: "What I do to others, comes back to me. Because it's the same person inside everyone!"
December 2009: "Either I treat others the way I treat myself,or I treat myself the way I treat others. The former makes me compassionate, the latter, detached!"
January 2010::"Don't compare yourself with anyone in this World, Coz if you do so you are insulting yourself"
February 2010:

for the upcoming month post suggestions here

[logged]and vote from the 20th onwards here ...[/logged]